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Business Address: Suite 8, 15 Delawney Street, Balcatta, WA, 6021, Australia
Mailing address:Suite 8, 15 Delawney Street, Balcatta, WA, 6021, Australia

The company established in 2012 just after The True LORD God's Book, << Holy Bible.New>>(first Edition)published.This company observed << Holy Bible.New >>(--- The Heavely Holy Bible; the second edition)as its spiritual Guide BOOK, while meanwhile also observed <<Holy Bible>>(such as King James Version) being its major reference as one of the true Christian companies on this planet Earth.This company is a multi-functional private profit company; yet meanwhile it also handles non-profit businesses,taking part into social political,economical and cultural affair; working on the social goodness, family and personal true happiness,worldwide peace and better living conditions of the entire human beings on the Earth; and caring general positive development of the entire human beings today and future. We believe in The True LORD God Of The Entire Universes, for He was, is and will be The Only True and Living real LORD God Of the entire universes, and of the entire human beings and of the entire intelligence beings of the entire universes. The major business of the company  is book publishing, travel and holiday business, meanwhile we also provide different office service, business service and finance service. This company is a national wide and meanwhile also an international company. And its head quarter is located in Australia, owned and operated by Australians. It is also a joined affiliate of many other companies around the world.

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Company Special Updated 

All the employees of WORLDZHONG PTY.LTD. especially those who were registered successfully in the year 2017 as the formal employees who would work in the company should pay his or her attention for this company special updated due to the coronavirus epidemic has been continually outbreak, spreading and the live threatening has been continually existence. The followings are the company decisions specially for coping with this special tough time:

A. The company decided to temporarily close its four divisions of businesses: 

a. The Book publishing that had been closed on the 01/03/2020, now it would be closed continually; 

                                                                                                              b. The Greeting Cards business due to the Director visited Russia last year (2019), the company would prepare to revoke the entire business, now it decided to put it on hold until further notice. 

                                                                 c. The accommodation of world first class resorts services would be also closed due to the virus crisis and all the resorts had been closed.  

                                       d. The music industry, except for the composition of music department, all the other business of this industry would close. 

                                                                                                                              B. The company has kept opening its one business that is relevant to how to handle the worldwide pandemic impact on every individuals and Supernatural Exercises. 

                                                                                                                              C. All the company employees would be paid $1500 for fortnight regardless whatever position you are working on originally. And the employees' losses due to the virus crisis, the company would consult the government fare-work department about this matter and would according to the government suggestions or decision to do, whether or not pay the compensations for that. 

                                                                                                                              D. All the employees who were successfully registered for working in the company as the formal employees of the company, though, for the long term victim of crimes, the company actually could not provide the jobs it intended to offer, now, if anyone who has not had his or her job for whatever reasons should contact the company immediately for the company would be able to work in your behalf to apply for jobkeeper payment from the government, that each one would be paid $1500 for fortnight before tax. 

                                                                                                                         F. All the company employees, except for those who are working in professional positions, would change his or her job from his or her original working position to work as the assistance for handling the virus crisis for individuals. The company would provide new training for all the company employees so that each one of them may be able to work at home for 30 hours per week(this is not the government requirement for taking the jobkeeper payment, therefore, it not compulsory, it is just the company's suggestion ) and to take the $1500 per fortnight payment from the government.However, the company would be according to the 30 hours working to retain the employee's tax payment for paying tax for each employee of the company(About this, the company would further consult the government, this is not the final decision). 

                                                                                                                              G. The company would increase its employment for the coronavirus crisis services as the company one of the supports to the government to handle the epidemic plan and effort. Therefore anyone who is interesting in this job may contact the company by SMS or email according to the company new updated contact details. 

                                                                                                                              H. Please do not visit the company, for all the operating places of the company had closed, the major jobs and works are online, new employees' training also online. 

For more information concerning about the company's new decisions, please contact the company according to the new updated contact details. 

Company News Updated 07/06/2020

1. There are one new jobs with 2 vacancies have been added into the company new jobs listed and also advertised in the government Job search website.

2. Until today, there is no one of the Heavenly Christians to have been infected by the coronavirus or covid-19 or SARS-Cov-2 world wide. 

3. The company has decided to further disclose the unique blessings from the True and Living LORD God, WORLDZHONG, the Supernatural exercise after obtaining permission from the True and Living LORD God. We are going to train staffs to work in the field to help sooth the severity of the Covid-19 infections around the world. 

4. From this week onward, the company would open a new topic for study the Heavenly Holy Bible, that is, <<HOLY BIBLE.NEW>>, we also partially post our study in Facebook. The Heavenly Christians welcome everyone to join our study this only True and Living LORD God of the entire universes, WORLDZHONG, book on Earth. Please click the button below for going to the page of the Heavenly Holy Bible study. 

The company news further updated

Friday,12 June 2020

Another worldwide extraordinary unique blessing of the TRUE AND LIVING LORD GOD of the entire universes, WORLDZHONG, has been released for the true benefit, true happiness and health of every individual human being, every family and the entire human beings benefits. Now the product, a video DVD on sale now: 

Product Name: Video DVD: How to test invisible, untastable, human senses organs unreachable poison in Your Food and Drink at your own home?!

1. Step by Step from the upmost beginning until the full skills and techniques for your own testing such harmful poison(s) in your own home(Not included analysis)!

DVD duration about 3 hours(English teaching)!

Everyone who is over 16 of age can do!

Product Price: $ 100AUD (Australian Dollar)or $100 USD(U.S. dollars)

Original DVD would be send to you after receiving your payment instantly. 

24/7 Technical support guarantee you are able to handle the testing yourself at your own home!

Payment method: Through direct bank deposited, please refers to the following payment methods in this home page below. 

If you cannot get through, directly send SMS to our contact mobile or send us your email to seek the solution for your payment, which is also 24/7 full service. 

Please Note: This payment had included the worldwide deliver fee, you do not need to pay any more for delivery, no matter where you are living around the whole world!

1. Step by Step from the upmost beginning until the full skills and techniques for your own testing such harmful poison(s) in your own home (Included analysis)!

 Besides including the entire 1. teaching video above;

In the analysis, you would know:

a. How to analysis testing results?

b. How to determine the severity of the poisons  in the food and in the drink?

3. How to handle uncertainty in determination of exact which one of your food or your drink has been poisoned! 

4. The useful suggestions for alternative method in handling uncertainty and undetermination which is the exact one. 

DVD duration about 6 hours(English teaching)!

Everyone who is over 16 of age can do!

Product Price: $ 600AUD (Australian Dollar)or $600 USD(U.S. dollars), plus deliver fee charge of $50 AUD for the whole set DVD delivering worldwide. 

Total payment should be: $650 AUD or $650 U.S.D 

(Australia Residents should pay only $600 AUD and national wide delivery is free of charge.)

Original DVD would be sent to you after receiving your payment instantly. 

24/7 Technical support guarantee you are able to handle the testing yourself at your own home, but not guarantee whether or not you can analyze by yourself! However, we may guarantee to assist you to work out your problem and find the possible best solution in the same field.   

 Payment method: Through direct bank deposited, please refers to the following payment methods in this home page below. 

If you cannot get through, directly send SMS to our contact mobile or send us your email to seek the solution for your payment, which is also 24/7 full service. 

Please Note: This payment had included the worldwide deliver fee, you do not need to pay any more for delivery, no matter where you are living around the whole world!

Please Note: You must send your contact details to us after you had paid for the purchasing by email or SMS. 

These two new products of WORLDZHONG PTY. LTD. are also fulled owned by WORLDZHONG PTY. LTD. and By the company owner. They are worldwide  monopoly products only belong to the WORLDZHONG PTY. LTD. 

The Heavenly Christians in Covid-19 epidemic 2020, updated 21/05/2019:

There is no anyone who has been infected by the virus so far. All are sound and good. The good news are, even those who are not the Heavenly Christians, but have learned and keep practicing the supernatural exercises also good and well. None of people has been infected by the virus; all of them are health and good in the entire epidemic period so far. 

The Heavenly Christians urge all the people to take part into the exercises for protecting yourself and getting through the tough time of the entire epidemic. 

We will keep on updating our situations. If you would life to leave your comment(s), please do so here

Company New Updated: 08/03/2020

1. The Company has relocated in WA. The new operating address is: Suite 8 15 Delawney Street, Balcatta, WA, 6021, Australia.

2.If any one who would like to visit the company, he or she may do so by calling the company first for booking. If you would like to visit it yourself, you may also do so, but you won't be able to actually visit the company there for there is a small place with many companies working together. 

3. The company had decide to take legal actions against the criminals activities towards the company from the time when the company formal registered, 17/10/2012 until today. The company employees, especially those who used to be working in the company and who had not got his or her work pay might be able to get back his or her working payment compensation. And the 27 employees who had been formally registered as the company employees, but had not actually started working might also be entitle to get his or her compensation for the dishonour  employment compensation once the company will have got back the compensation from those responsible for criminals attacking the company. Therefore if he or she would like to know more about that, please contact the company by email or by phone call or by SMS. However, everyone must know that this case was and is very complicate case, the company has been working on finding lawyers working in the behalf of the company to work on the Court actions, but until now it is still not yet success. The most difficult problem was and is that there is no law firm would like to take the case so far. But the company has been working on it until today. The employees who used to work in the department of legal service, if it is possible, please contact the company to take part in this legal actions that would be very important for the company today and future. 

4. The company normal business are: a. Book Publishing including self publishing services;

                                                                                                                                                     b. Business services, specializing in Profit making guarantee for all sizes of business, we are the ASIC  agent;  

                                                                                                                                    c. Holiday and travel business, specializing in accommodation in the world class resorts in Australia.

                                                                                                                                                                       d. The company also works as the member of Afca for providing finance complain services for all customers in Australia.  

5. The company had contacted about six major credit companies in Australia and required them to change the bad records and score rating concerning the company finance history and present days' due to the company did not and does not bear any legal liability for any debit because it was and is the victim of crimes since from the dad it was formally registered(17/10/2012) until now. The company finance is still not yet recovered due to the compensation has not yet got back, though it has been working on this matter. 

6. The company declaration concerning the company finance history and present day, and the promise it has still been keeping until today for the company employees  and also for those "debtors" in ethical responsibilities. If anyone who would like to read the declaration please click on the button on your right hand side for the detail. 

7.The company has been continually suffering crime offensiveness until today, though after the company has decided to take legal actions against criminals attacking. 

8. The old business has been continuing, such as the supernatural abilities training course and classes are still running. If any one who would like to take the course and join the training, please refers to :  the therefore we still keep out bank details here for all our customers and our expected customers in the world.

You need to pay in advance though bank deposit: For All international customers, here are the detail for your bank payment:

Australia Commonwealth Bank, Big Code: CTBAAU2S ;

BSB: 063147 ;

Account No. 1069 3181, 


In your email, please write your contact your contact details: 1. Your Full Name in your passport or in one your legal document, 2. Your mailing and delivering address for international delivering, 3. You mobile phone number, 4. your landline phone number if you have any(optional). All international mailing fee would be charged $ 20 USD on the top of the price of any product of the company. please meanwhile including your full payment receipt or taking a screenshot for your internet payment receipt to send to us.

For Australia Customers, here are the details for your bank payment:

Commonwealth Bank, 


BSB: 063147,

Account No. 1069 3181, 

Your email should tell us your contact details: 1. Your Full Name in your passport, 2. Your mailing and delivering address, 3. Your mobile phone number ; 4. your landline phone number(optional), 5. payment receipt or a screenshot of your internet payment receipt.   

H. The Heaven Holy Bible has its first foreign language translation book, that is Russian language Book. For the 2019 Literary Edition would have been translated into Russian. 

 I. The Original Thesis of the director of WORLDZHONG PTY.LTD. "On the Three Fundamental Factor of Economics and Their Elasticity", open published in this website today (14/12/2018), yesterday should be a formal published day for this Thesis had been made legal DEPOSIT to the State Library of Queensland(13/12/2018),please click on the button of the right to view the thesis:

J. A new division of Business of WORLDZHONG PTY.LTD. has been set up for every Australian, please click the button on the right for more details: