The General Member of WORLDZHONG PTY.LTD.(in Brief: GMWZ)

The General member of this company is a willing member as well as a free member. There is only one principle requirement for all applicants who apply to become a general member of this company is:"You should not directly against and indirectly against the Heavenly Christians' Guide BOOK in all the Heavenly Christian places."And as long as you are willing truly, you may apply for becoming a general membership in the company through registration. You would not have any obligation or responsibility as a general member of the company. You may free to join and free to leave, before or even after you leave, inform the company, then all things would be done for you. Formal registration is a way to join by filling in the application form. However, if you decide to leave, then you may write a short message to the company or send an email to the company. Then your membership would be automatically registered for you. Check your email box for your registration.


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