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*Course ID:______________________________________________________


*Study Duration:______________________________________________________


*Your First Name:____________________________________


Your Middle Name:____________________________________


*Your Family Name:____________________________________


*Day of Birth and Age(dd/mm/yyyy):___________________________________Age:__________________


*Birth Country:____________________________________


*Citizen of(country):____________________________________


*Home Address(where exactly you are living now ):


*Unit or house No:__________________


*Street No and Street Type and No.:____________________________________


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*Mailing Address: As Above or otherwise:


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*Fees and Charges:

1. Course Study Enrollment Fee: $160AUD;

2. Course Study Fee: $6000;

3. Theory Exam Charges: $1000 AUD;

4. Practice Exam Charges:$1500 AUD;

5. Graduated Certificate: $1500AUD;

6. School Comment: $3000AUD.

Total: $13160AUD;

GST Charges:$1316.

Total included GST:$14,476AUD

Formal Documents:

1. Your Valid Passport(if your traveler, a valid visa must be attached inside or e-visa);

2. Your Valid Health Care Card, medi-care card or Your Healthy Insurance No and Document or private medi-care insurance;

3. Your Telephone Bill within three months showing your present Address;

4. Your Electricity and Gus Bill;

5. Your most resent general education certificate or school study proof document;

All of these IDs and Documents are compulsory. copy from the original and then make into PDF file sent to the School email, that is:

                                                                                                                                                      ; if the file too big, then break into parts to send.

You Education Background(please tick one of the followings):

1.I am studying in a middle school/high school,(year 6, or 7 or 9 or 10 or 11 or 12);

2.I am a university student not yet finish uni-study;

3.I am graduated in university and a bachelor degree certificate holder;

4.I am graduated student with a bachelor degree certificate;

5.I am a post graduated diploma certificate holder;

6.I am studying a master course work, not yet finish;

7.I am a master degree certificate holder;

8. I am PHD degree certificate holder or I am doing research in PHD level, not yet finish.

You personal history in social records(please tick of one of the followings):

1.I am a normal citizen, never committed any criminal activity;

2.I am a social explosive person with never committed any criminal offense;

3.I am a citizen with minor errors; had one criminal charge before;

What exactly is:

4.I am a citizen with a serious criminal charge before;

What exactly is:

You personal healthy condition(please tick one of the followings):

1. I am a healthy person with no any illness whatsoever;

2. I am a healthy person with only minor and occasional illness;

3. I am a person with a constant illness;

What exactly is:__________________________________________________________________

4. I am a person of disability;

What exactly is:_________________________________________________________________

5. I am a person with terminal illness;

What exactly is:__________________________________________________________________

Your Marital and Dependent situation(Please tick one of the followings):

1. I am a young student, single, never sex and never marry;

2. I am single never marry with no dependent;

3. I am married with no child;

4. I am married with (No of children:)___________________child or children;

5. I am divorce with no child;

6. I am divorce with (No of Children:)____________________child or children;

7. I am remarried with no child;

8. I am remarried with(No of Children:)__________________child or children;

9. I am a widow with no children;

10. I am a widow with (No of Children:)____________________child or children.

Your employment situation(please tick one of the followings):

1. I am a student, never work;

2. I am a student only working part time/casual occasionally;

3. I am a young human being, never working but taking family/friend/government support for living;

4. I am working permanent part-time;

5. I am working full-time;

6. I am unemployment and looking for job;

7. I am self-employment with taking government support;

8. I am self-employment running my own business;

9. I am a retiree.

10. I am disability with no job, but taking government support for living;

11. I am disability with doing a part time job while taking government support;

Declaration: I am (your printed name:)____________________________________here solemnly declare, all my situations and information provided above in this enrollment form are true and correct in every particular and willingly accept the terms and conditions of study in Compassion Supernatural Research School with my true hand writing sign my signature as a proof of my own solemnly declaration upon this matter:

Your Signature:________________________________________________________

Dated: dd:_____/mm:______/yyyy:________________Time: hh:_______Min:_____;


Your Payment: All payments must be paid into:



Account Number:10693181

Commonwealth Bank Australia Swift Code(for overseas payment only):CTBAAU2S

Payment Description: Pay for Study;

Payment method: Your online banking pay anyone or directly go to your bank branch to pay.

Your Payment Situation:

I have paid the full amount of the fees and charges: $8426AUD into the school nominated account above

on (dd:)_____________(mm:)_____________(yyyy:) ______________

Here is the receipt No:

Please Note:

1. The School Reserves full Rights to determine whether or not taking you to be a student.And the school for its own end would confirm all your information provided and meanwhile strictly following the privacy policies in dealing with your all personal information.

Please visit our Private Policy by click on the following button,

As soon as the school decision made concerning your application of enrollment,we will inform your immediately without delay, generally within 24 hours calculating at the time on which your payment to have been received,you will be notified about your application.

2. You are also advised to visit our Refund Policy for your own money safety by click on the following button,

3. All the application would only accepted online, however, if for whatever reason online application of enrollment is not success or not fit for your situation,then please let us know by SMS on:0437868996; overseas SMS:61 4 37868996; or by Email(recommended) at:

4. The time for accepting of the enrollment application begin at: 4:00 pm, 01-11-2018 Thursday Brisbane Time Australia until 4:00pm 06-11-2018 Tuesday Brisbane Time Australia.

5. You must print out this form and manually fill and sign and then make it to be a PDF file, keep one copy for yourself and email one as an attachment of the email sending to the School email:; with your payment receipt (PDF)together

The Second Semester that is also a new semester of studying the same course start taking the enrolment form send on line from 01/12/2018, 4:00PM until 15/02/2019, 4:00PM .