Special Jobs for the Special Time

  Working for supporting the soothing of the severity of the global epidemic

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         The global epidemic has been continually developing without stopping and without pausing, until today(09/06/2020) the total populations that have been infected by the virus already over 7,300,000 persons, among them, 450,000 people had lost their lives, and there are 3,500,000 persons have recovered from the covid-19 infection; however there are 3,300,000 persons are the active cases and among them 54,000 cases are in critical conditions and 3,200,000 are in mild cases conditions(information according to:www.worldometer.info and also our estimation). The entire pandemic situation in the whole world is still very serious. There is still no well functional medication for healing the illness and there is no powerful vaccine to be achieved. Though, the development of the global vaccine researches have achieved significant development, and now, there are about 100 Covid-19 Vaccine have been developed. Some of them has some function after testing in human. However, according to the medical scientists' estimation that at least the medical researches have to take about 10 -16 months time, then it would be possible achieving the powerful vaccine for the human beings, which also means that the entire epidemic would not be possible ending or having any significant mean to be put it under control for about a year time. The human infected populations would be continually increasing and death would be increasing. 

Facing all of such serious situations, WORLDZHONG PTY LTD, A Heavenly Christian profit company has decided to stretch out our hands working for the TRUE and LIVING LORD God of the entire universes and the entire human beings, WORLDZHONG, to deliver the true love of the TRUE AND LIVING God to those who have been suffering and for those who are still in danger situation and for those who have recovered, but have continually suffered the side effects and the impairments due to use to be infected by the Covid-19. 

The jobs are not the jobs working in medical staffs for healing the people who have been infected, but are the jobs as the assistance for the medical treatments before, within and after the infection by the covid-19. Basically, what we are providing are the physio-therapy, psychological and mental recovery services, and virus general prevention, self-isolated-psychological and physio-therapy for all the people who are still alive  and/or recovered from the illness. All of those jobs are not working to replace any formal medical treatments provide by medical staffs, hospitals and formal medical institutions, we are only provide the necessary assistants for soothing the severity of the epidemic, but we cannot do anything to stop the epidemic or provide any significant medical methods to treat or heal those who have been infected, we encourage all who have been infected must accept formal medical treatments. Whatever we provide for the soothing of the severity of the illness would not be contradict with the formal medical treatments and doctors' opinions in the majority, though we will have our own specialties for helping the people who have been infected and are in ill and/or who have recovered but have a significant impairment side effects. All these jobs are the special jobs for the special times. Once the epidemic will have been over, these jobs would not be continuing or even terminated. 

All the job seekers who would be successfully employed to do these special jobs would be paid according to the government Jobkeeper's pay scheme, that is, $1500 for fortnight before tax. All the employees who are working would be paid the same.

We have no one to be infected by the Covid-19 virus or the SARS-Cov-2 Virus so far.



Job application to be collected by the Employment Department of WORLDZHONG PTY. LTD.starting on Monday(9/06/202), 9:00 AM Perth Time - Finish at 12.00PM  Sunday(11/05/2020) Perth Time

 1. Job Code: WZJOB-SCovid-19-00001; Title:  Covid-19 Counselling Service (General counselling service); (Part-time: 5 positions, Full-time:5 positions); 

  2. Job Code: WZJOB-SCovid-19-00002; Title: Covid-19 Prevention Service (general knowledge, exercises daily and );(Part-time: 5 positions, Full-time:5 positions);

                                                       3. Job Code:WZJOB-SCovid-19-00003; Title: Covid-19 Self Help Guide (for those being infected yet in mild-condition and situation, being in self-isolation);(Part-time: 5 positions; Full-time: 5 positions); 

                     4.Job Code: WZJOB-SCovid-19-00004; Title: Covid-19 Recovered Self-help Guide (for all those who have been infected, yet already recovered);(Part-time: 5 positions, Full-time: 5 positions).

Updated for Jobs Working in The Company

(updated on Sunday, 09/06/2020)

Besides all the special jobs are still valid for job applicants, now the company added new job for 2 vacancies( it could be expected for more vacancies)

Physiotherapist Trainee

Working Payment: 

Once your job application be approval and become the employee of the company working in the company, your job payment at the beginning would be paid "Jobkeeper" payment that is $1500 per fortnight before tax. This payment type would be lasting through the entire Covid-19 Pandemic period of time, which all the positions in the company would be paid such working payment type during the entire pandemic period. After pandemic, the company would inform you about your working position payment that would be generally higher that the "jobkeeper" payment in hour rate.  

      Job Applicant Requirements:

                        1. No experience required, but you must like to learn and work, full training provided until qualified to work;      

                                                                   2. All Job seekers must be age 16 or above, in  good health condition and ready to work, there was and is no chronic and or sever ill history,

no infected disease illness history;

3. Job seeker's education background: You must be graduated from your year 12 study or above;   

 4. Language: You must be reading, speaking, listening, understanding and writing English fluently;    

5. Having a valid working visa or a permanent resident of Australia;                                                   

6.Police check required for interview once your job application to be approval.                               

                                           Special Note: All job seekers should first visit the company website home page, https://www.theheavenlyholybible.com.au ; to get to know the company and the doctrines that the company would observe. 

 Job Application:

    All the jobs applications only be accepted via the following steps:

                                           1. Contact the company by email first on: info@theheavenlyholybible.com.au, writing your full legal name, contact phone number and your personal secure email address, clearly express that you would like to take the job and work in the company;

2. Phone or SMS on 61 4 21956988 or 61 475625916 

                                          3. Fill-in the job application form that would be sent to you once your email application to be received by us; you yourself have responsibility to check and make sure your application would have been received by us.                                      

    4. After fill-in the application, send it back to the company. Once the company receives your filled job application form; the company will info you what would be the next you should do.

           Job Type: 

All jobs have normal full time position(30 working hours per week). We also offer part time(20 working hours per week) and casual(8-15 hours per week)        

   Q and A

                                                    Generally speaking, the company would not answer your question except for those that are directly link with the job seeking. And all the questions, please ask via SMS(on 0421956988)


email: wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww782019@yandex.com. 

     Please keep an eye on the company update and news for your benefits.  

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