Supernatural Uni-field Body and Mind Healthy Art Course Enrollment information

Course ID:WZSUBMHA-00000-00001

Who may enroll to study: 

A. Knowledge Background: You must speak, write, read and listen to fluent English;

1. You are an Australian citizen and reside in Australia;

2. If you are a traveler and would like to enroll study this course, you must have about 4 months valid visa that permitted you to study in this country.

3. If you are a traveler and would like to enroll studying this course, you must have about 4 months valid visa that permitted you to work in this country.

B.Personal Conditions:

1. You shall be a healthy person who would like to learn this healthy art;

2. If you are not a healthy person, but you have not had any serious illness and are able to self-maintain personal daily life without the need of a personal assistant, you would like to enroll to study this course;

3. You are in the age between 15-85; however, if you are elder than 85, but you are still healthy and self-maintain daily well without the need of a personal assistant, you would like to enroll to study this course. If you are younger than 15, but at or above 8 years old, you should obtain your parent's approval for your study. If your parent, either your father or your mother or both of them agreed on you to study this course you can enroll, you will be charged only 1/3 of the course fee and not need to pay any other fees and charges, you are not to be required to join exam, and no graduated certificate and school comment issue to you.

Fee and Charges:       

C. Fees and Charges:

1. Enrollment fee would be: $160AUD;

2. Study the Course Payment: $6,000AUD.Positions are very limited. And this offer would not have any second time for it is the school inauguration offer and for this offer only;

3. Exam Fee:$1000AUD for theory exam; and $1500 AUD for practice exam;

4. Graduated Certificate:$1500AUD Study;

5.School comment on your study:$3000.

All the fees and Charges here are not including GST payment, however, all students are required to pay GST 10% on the top of all of the payments.


D. Study Duration:01-03-2019-- 01-06-2019.

Course Nature:

E.A Beginner first Course, As the beginner courses, would have three degrees: First, Second and Third. This course is the beginner's first level course

What to be expected to learn:

F. Theories:

1. Theory(Majority), Lectures based on Heavenly Christianity, and the relevant teachings and principles of the BOOK,<<HOLY BIBLE.NEW>>(The Second Edition)

2.The modern scientific interpretation basically relevant physics and relevant chemistry, particularly biochemistry and mathematics. Theory generally would be only a very small part as the consideration of the almost zero education background requirement for all the beginners as the first beginning course.

3And the scientific theories would be in the very simple and highly relevant level, which would not create many difficulties for understanding every for zero education background students. For the most parts would be the religion theory and belief theory, rather than scientific theories. The relationships between talking theories and the practices;

G. Practices:

1. Practice under coaching;

2. Practice talking;

3. Self-practice;

4. Practice talking.

What to be expected to achieve:

H. A Graduated Certificate if successfully pass both theory exam and practice exam;

I. School Comments on your theory study and also on your practice study;

K. The extraordinary student on the day he or she graduated, he or she would be possible possessing some beginner's supernature ability, either inner or outer ot both of them.

L.Generally, a successful graduated student would possess basic theory, skill and technique for self-development of this supernatural arts and would not need to practice under coaching, even though at the point in time of your graduation, it would not be possible for everyone to possess the supernatural essence in both inner or outer of your body and mind. And such self-development of supernatural art would eventually make every student possess some supernatural essences both inner and outer as you would continually practice such art after graduated from school.

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