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Compassion Supernatural Research School is a private research school found and run by WORLDZHONG Pty.Ltd.It would formally inaugurate on Thursday, 08-10-2018 in Brisbane Queensland. And the first course for beginners would be the "Supernatural Uni-field Body and Mind Health Art."And this On the day of the school inaugurates, the first class of the course would be meanwhile starting to be hold. This school now begins to take students around the world while it based on the enrollment of the local students. This course would be for the beginners of the first term. The course code is: SUBHA-00000-00001 that would be a three months course including theory and practices. After the three months study and practice, through careful examinations both include theory examinations and practice examinations, the company will issue a graduated certificate to the students who have completed the entire course and passed all the examinations. This School would be the first supernatural research school on the Earth. Adopted the name of Compassion School in the Heavenly Christians' Guide BOOK,<<HOLY BIBLE.NEW>>(---The Heavenly Holy Bible; the Second Edition) as its school name. This school is a research school focus on higher academic research and functional practices. Students enrolled in a study of any course in the School would enjoy a new form of research studies and practices, each one of them can expect to obtain higher and even unprecedented personal knowledge and functional practices achievements on the day of successful graduation. Since the school is a supernatural research school, one of the very important requirements for all students would be their religious devotions. Whether or not you believe in or not believe in God, then become a very crucial important question every student must answer, even though the school might not be required in your enrollment in the study. Certainly, the School would open to all kinds of students without any discrimination. However, everyone must know that how much and how many achievements you would have through the study, would be totally finally determined by your own situation in both study and practices. This first course: "Supernatural Uni-field Body and Mind Healthy Art" is now accepting enrollment. For more information about this opportunity, please visit: "Supernatural Uni-field Body and Mind Healthy Art".

Today is the Compassion Supernatural Research School inauguration day, though, formal registering of the school was not yet success for some reasons, however the School still takes today as its inauguration day, for the Chair-leader of the School and who is also the founder of the School had written his undelivered orally but only through writing to everyone in the world: Here we published the entire Inauguration Speech:

                                                                                                                                   Compassion Supernatural Research School

                                                                                                                                                                           Inauguration Speech

                                                                                                                                                                               On 08-11-2018

Eternal Sun never could and can be able to in any way and in any sense to compare with the True Light of the True, Real and Living LORD God’s for no matter which sun it was and is and how much powerful shining function was, is and will be a things or a being to be created. The Creator HIMSELF could and can be possible doing anything of HIS own wills to be done both in Heaven and Earth. From the day of the Earth to be created, the Sun has then been shedding light upon the Earth, and the entire lives on Earth then under bathing of the light, without light then life would be impossible. The light itself did not and does not create anything, yet it was and is and will be created, from the most initial beginning, going through whatever duration, and at the end of the day with its own energy exhausting, it’s then lost, change form of the existence according to the order of its Creator’s. And the LORD God was, is and will be the Greatest and Only Original Creator who created light, Earth, Universes and all things of life and all things of without life.

There never be any intelligent being could and can exist in the Universes except for the True, Real and Living LORD GOD of the entire universes. From the beyond of the beyond of the entire universes unto the point at which the universes begin and until today’ many parts of them fully filled with lives and even intelligent lives, all things, all lives and all intelligent lives were and are created originally by the LORD God of the entire universes.  They were and are the willingness of the True, Real and Living LORD God’s with Love. Although many who had and have possessed a little wisdom from the far time of old until even today never ever be able to comprehend even where they could and can be possible coming from, yet overmuch trust his or her or their own unfit early conclusion concerning about the true existence of the True, Real and Living LORD God of the entire universes, particularly, those called human beings on the Earth in favour of nature evaluated from nature had seemingly laid down what they thought where they should be coming from upon such “reasonable scientific evolution theory ”, there were and are always some who had and have seen the truthfulness of the True, Real and Living LORD God, HIS TRUE Light and HIS True Divine LOVE, particularly, those who used to with our Lord, the true Son of God, Jesus, Christ, and always stood and stand on the side of Jesus Christ’s, never ever gave off, though had and have been suffering many and much, can true faith never be forsaken upon the True, Real and Living God, regardless, he or she or they might call on different NAME or even without NAME in his or her or their prayers, yet the heart, the true heart never cease towards the True, Real and Living Eternal LORD God WHO was, is and will be the True, Real and Living Perpetual Life and Everlasting Light for HE was, is and will be the True, Real and Living Happiness, Richness and Prosperity and the true , real and living existence forever of all and for all!

Secularity never can be possible for any true impossible, Only can The True, Real and Living LORD God do all things for both all possible and all impossible , there was and is never having anything that can be turning true possible being impossible, conversely, never having anything that can be turning any true impossible to be truly possible! However, it was, is and will be the only True, Real and Living LORD God could and can do all things, create whatever and make whatever of all and for all!

With the development of the so-called science into today, secularity become much more secular, nature then never could and can be anything that was or is or even will not be a nature or beyond nature, supernatural more and more become only a legend, solid four seasons and day and night. Any beyond was and is and will be impossible! If it is so, Why did and does The True, Real and Living God create Men and Women on the Earth?

Human beings, in the true believers’ point of views, were and are supernatural, for intelligent is not nature, though more and more thoughts and minds did not and do not think so!

By true Faith, we have got to know that Supernatural that did not and does not only can be seen, observed or even practised in real life, but from time of the upmost beginning, from the day of the creation began, and from moment when one kind of livings to be created in God’s image! True Faith was and is never fail! And True belief was and is never forsaken by whatsoever from the inner firmly established faith! Not only The BOOK had and has told us long before we were born, but also in the days and with the life duration, we had and have experienced and had and have been feeling it, which was and is all real and true, though, it was and is not secularity, but we did and do believe in such signs and phenomena shown us and told us.

We were born in secularity, though we are possibly still alive, indeed we are only death and eventually death! We always question ourselves, if we are all dead, what good for us as we are living in this secular world?! For secularity is death, only was, is and will The True, Real and Living God be eternal and forever alive.

No matter who you are, no matter what situation you are in a secular world, there would be no any other choice you could and can be possible choosing according to your own wills. The only way that could and can turn the dead to become alive. The True, Real and Living God exists in all times of the world will courage every one of us fighting for our own perpetual life. We have known that would be not easier, but we have resolved to do so so that we might be able to turn our dead life or turn our eventually dead life become eternal life or at least increasing the significant longevity of our life span, making our life carrying on much more true value in which might be possible carrying some of the eternal value!

Compassion Supernatural Research School inauguration indicated that our life afterward could and can be different truly for we have got the real opportunity for how to improve our health conditions and to improve our almost meaningless life so that we may, since from now on, make a real difference for the goodness of our life, through our own faithfulness in study and in practice in this worldwide first and only one supernatural research school to obtain the true God’s blessing and walk on the real way towards a better world!

May everyone be success in your study in this only one supernatural school in the world! God blesses all of us!    

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