The Heavenly Christian Member

The Heavenly Christian Member(in Brief: HCM)

A Heavenly Christian member is a willing true believer of the True, Real and Living LORD God of the entire universes, of the entire intelligent beings of the entire universes and of the entire human beings in the planet Earth. Meanwhile, you are willingly obversing the heavenly chritian guide BOOK,<<HOLY BIBLE.NEW>>(----The Heavenly Holy Bible, The Second Edition)in your heart, in your deeds and in your spirit. You shall first apply by filling the application form and then wait for applroval. As soon as you are approval to be a successful applicant of the heavenly Christian, you will be arranging a apointed time for your baptizing. Only after formally baptizing, then you would become a formal Heavenly Christian Member(in brief: HCM. As a formal heavenly Christian member, you should take up the responsibilities in the organization and also bear the responsibilites to the other peoples and the outside world as a HCM. For more detail, please read the terms and conditions for HCM.


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